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Meet the Crew

Glenn Yeager

Glenn Yeager


I am a life long resident of Putnam County, and longtime business owner, but my favorite gig is being Dad.  I am very blessed to be the father of two truly incredible twin daughters Grace & Faith.  They make up two thirds of the “Valley Outdoors Pro Staff” along with their friend Christian Curry….yep, Russ’ son.  Which really means they like to go try out the cool stuff the shop gets in!

These kids played a part in us getting into this crazy world of Outdoor Sporting Goods retail!!  These kids were and still are running us through three or more cases of shotgun shells every two weeks at local sporting clay ranges!  Believe me that adds up fast!  Maybe not as fast as their father’s subsequent distributor & auction bills to say nothing of his vintage Colt addiction bills….it might be a problem, come as see!

There were other factors that were instrumental in pushing me toward making my dream to own a prolific outdoors store that we all can be proud of and enjoy having the nationwide reach to bring in super cool, hard to get inventory at reasonable prices.  We do not price gouge at Valley outdoors, I absolutely won’t allow it and truly try to make sure every customer who leaves our shop does so happy with a feeling they were taken care of like the friends, family, Neighbors, & second amendment protectors they are!  But the biggest factor that fueled this desire was the fact that over the last couple of years I got EXTREMELY tired of hearing from the big box stores and other dealers that they couldn’t get guns & especially couldn’t get ammo.  I thought it was a bunch of crap, I thought they weren’t going about it in the right way and that it COULD in fact be done.  Come down to our shop and let us show you how customer service should be and you be the judge if I was right….YOU CAN INFACT GUNS & AMMO….come & see!

Russ Currey

Justin Currey aka “Russ”

I am 48 years old and have lived in Putnam County West Virginia since 1984 and that is when Glenn and I became friends. I graduated from Hurricane High School in 1992. I started working in 1993 at my current fulltime job, a small manufacturing facility in Poca, WV, where I am now a plant supervisor. I have been working parttime at Valley Outdoors since February 2021.

I have been married to my beautiful wife for 21 years and we have been blessed with an awesome son, Christian, who is fifteen. I love hunting, fishing, and spending time with family and friends in the outdoors. Above all “Keep GOD first”.

Travis Mushung

Travis Mushung

General Manager

I’ve spent the past 15+ years servicing customers in the Outdoor/Firearms industry; I am an avid Hunter, shooter and all-around gun enthusiast. I am extremely excited to be in on the ground floor of a private start up company that is 100% pro 2nd Amendment and locally owned and operated!

Glenn adds……

Such a sweetheart sunny disposition each and every morning!

Danny Stricker

Danny Sricker

Assistant Manager and Sales Director

I spend a lot of time on the range.  I truly am the off-brand Rambo!

Mike Grandstaff

Mike Grandstaff

Inventory Management & Sales

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