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Concealed Weapons Training

Obtaining Your Concealed Carry Permit

At Valley Outdoors WV, we believe a CCP is more than just paperwork; it’s a commitment to responsible gun ownership. Learn about safety, gun knowledge and carrying responsibly with us, differentiating between open carry and the discreet approach of concealed carry.

Carrying a concealed weapon is the responsibility of the gun owner. Valley Outdoors will help you grasp the essentials of responsible concealed carry. Take a class today!

Steps to Obtain a Concealed Weapons Permit

  • Know Your State Laws: We’ll guide you through the specific laws and regulations in your state, ensuring you’re well-versed in the nuances.
  • Eligibility Check:  Understand the eligibility criteria as we walk you through the requirements. Valley Outdoors WV ensures you meet the necessary factors like age, residency, and a clean criminal record.
  • Step-by-Step Application Guide: Navigate the application process seamlessly with our expert guidance. Valley Outdoors WV breaks down the paperwork, fees, and required documents, ensuring you’re well-prepared.
  • Education and Training: For states with mandatory training or education, Valley Outdoors WV outlines the requirements, emphasizing the importance of honing your skills for responsible firearm use.

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